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Chef's Special Roll

Item Name Price

Black Angel Roll

inside-shrimp tempura, avocado, mango w. soy bean seaweed wrapped. Outside-spicy crab & tobiko w. chef's special sauce.

Crazy Tuna Roll

Inside-spicy crunchy tuna & avocado. Outside-cajun pepper tuna w. onion dressing.

Explosion Roll

inside-shrimp tempura, eel and avocado. Outside- mango, spicy mayo & eel sauce.

Fancy Dragon Roll

inside-shrimp tempura, kani and cucumber. outside-eel, avocado & caviar on top w. eel sauce.

Hawaii Roll

Inside-spicy kani, avocado,eel & shrimp tempura. Outside-wrapped w. soy bean nori, caviar and crunchy on top w. eel sauce and scallion.

ISO Roll

inside-tuna, salmon, eel avocado crunchy wrap w. pink seaweed w. wasabi mayonnaise.

Out of Control Roll

inside-tuna, salmon, kani & avocado; outside-tuna, salmon, yellowtail w. mayo and seared across, caviar on top w. eel sauce and scallion.

Pacific Roll

Inside-tuna, salmon, yellowtail, escolar, jalapeno & avocado. Outside-wrapped w. white marble weaweed(soy bean nori), and wasabi mayo.

Rock "N" Roll

inside-soft shell crab & fresh mango. outside-cooked eel, cooked shrimp & avocado w. eel sauce and miso sauce.

Spicy Girl Roll

Inside-spicy crunchy tuna & spicy yellowtail. outside-spicy crunchy salmon & spicy mayonnaise.

Sweet Heart Roll

spicy tuna, seaweed salad, avocado topped with whole tuna and chef special sauce

Tropical Roll

inside-shrimp, asparagus & kani. outside-lobster salad, crunchy w. miso sauce.

Twister Roll

Inside-shrimp tempura and cream cheese. Outside-smoked salmon, eel sauce & wasabi mayonnaise.

Voclano Roll

Inside-salmon, white fish, & avocado in tempura style. Outside-spicy tuna & Miso sauce.

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